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Solo Travelers, Here’s How You Rent a Car for Cheap

When you travel solo, the expenses have a habit of creeping up. Out of all the expenses though, rental cars seem to be the ones that can break your bank. But I have never actually had to deal with the ridiculous charges just because I had no one to split them with. Is this because I’ve been super lucky? Or do I cheat the system? No, I’m just really cheap when it comes to paying for transportation, so I find ways around it. When I travel, I want to spend my money on experiences, so I have no problem spending on excursions like skydiving or scuba diving . But as for the rest? I try to make it as cheap as possible, especially rental car expenses, because they can be an unpleasant situation. I have heard of people dropping almost $600 a week for rental cars. So, I use public transportation when the city has an efficient enough system and I have heard of people getting around by just hitchhiking. But there are some places where renting a car is an absolute must. The good ne
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Discover The Best Secrets Of Italy

Discover The Best Secrets Of Italy Italy is a luxury vacation destination for the individual, couple, group or family that values history, architecture, the arts, music, theater, and cuisine. Aside from many Hollywood movies portraying the country in its magnificent splendor, Iit boasts of the most number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the entire world. Italy is beautiful, versatile, full of passion, and inspires the soul and stirs the mind. Here are the top ten vacation destinations in Italy for those memorable vacation holidays.

Roman Holiday – The Ultimate Travel Guide To Italy

Whether you are a Woody Allen fan and have fawned over To Rome, with Love or dream of someday riding a Vespa with a Gregory Peck look alike as Audrey Hepburn did in Roman Holiday, Rome has, in some way pervaded our consciousness at least once in our lives. Rich in history, art and literature; […] The post Roman Holiday – The Ultimate Travel Guide To Italy appeared first on Vacation Rental Marketing Agency | Vacation Rentals Experts . Vacation Rental Marketing Agency | Vacation Rentals Experts

Exploring Jamaica Beyond the Resorts

Exploring Jamaica Beyond the Resorts Much to do in Jamaica. Virtually there is no limit for enjoyment from sleeping on the beach to hiking the mountains, or exploring the under-water worlds or just playing Golf. Seven Miles Beach, Blue Mountain National Park, Dunn's River Falls & Park, Blue Lagoon, and Montego Bay Golf Courses are the selected picks. Jamaica is one of the best places in the Caribbean where you can experience true adventure, enjoy memorable scenery and simply cool off. It is an ideal holiday destination that has so much to offer such as magnificent waterfalls with tranquil blue water pools beneath, to blue mountain peaks among other amazing attractions.