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Ottawa in the Fall

Ottawa in the Fall - Special Events Mosaika Sound and Light Show that is a truly breathtaking visual show of light and sound that is set against the parliament buildings. To catch this show you need to visit Parliament Hill in the evenings between July and September. Christmas Lights Across Canada – The official illumination ceremony is usually held at Parliament Hill where hundreds of thousands of lights are lit. The confederation Boulevard and the Hill glisten throughout the month of December.

Bed and Breakfast Ottawa

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Grenoble France Tourist Attractions

Grenoble France Tourist Attractions - At the beginning of October, my university took me on a free trip to the city of Grenoble in Les Alpes. Coming from the Adirondacks, I certainly have an appreciation for the beauty of mountains, but I had no idea how truly breathtaking Grenoble would be. Photos cannot capture this city’s beauty. Interestingly, it is one of the flattest cities in France, despite being surrounded by Alpine elevations. For this reason, as well as its relatively small size, Grenoble is surprisingly easy to get around. A tram will take you within walking distance of anywhere, and there are also some beautiful but relatively easy hiking destinations nearby.

Visting Ottawa in the Fall

Visting Ottawa in the Fall - Welcome to Ottawa,Canada`s capital city. Ontario and the capital of Canada`s Ottawa are the most populated areas of the nation. It is filled with cultural activities it is cosmopolitan, young, clean and a picture perfect city for a vacation. Ottawa allows you to experience some of the multicultural areas that have made both Canada and the United States what they are today.

How to Plan the Perfect Vacation

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Things to do in Ottawa This Fall

Things to do in Ottawa This Fall - Carillon Concerts – If you appreciate arts and particularly enjoy these concerts where you discover exquisite musical experience. The concert is held at the Peace Tower. In summary, parliament Hill and Buildings is not only a political symbol but historical as well. With so much to see and do here you will do well to consider planning your visit to coincide with some of the special events to ensure that you get to experience the place in its entirety.

Autumn Adventures Ottawa

Autumn Adventures Ottawa - Orientate Yourself Parliament Hill is where it all began. The rolling emerald lawns of Parliament Hill are open and free to visit. This is a good place to acquaint yourself with the neo-Gothic federal government building and the House of Commons. You can also ride 300 feet up the elevator to the top of the Peace Tower for a view of the downtown below, the confluence of three rivers on the other side and Quebec beyond it with its Gatineau Hills. Parliament Hill’s ornate Gothic turrets and sleek granite government buildings are the biggest attractions. The grounds of the area are unfenced, a tour of the House of Commons is free and the Changing of the Guards is a spectacle that many tourists spend a morning on.


Ottawa - Canada’s national capital with its government buildings and host of museums may seem like a staid city. But Ottawa is anything but staid. Vibrant, bilingual, cosmopolitan, young, clean, kid-friendly, laid-back and outdoorsy are the words that locals and tourists alike use to describe it. Once it was the center of politics. But tourists are quickly becoming aware of its numerous boutique hotels, highly successful art shows and fresh produce made available by its 1200 plus farms. When the city beat Montreal and Toronto to become the nation’s capital back in 1857, the then Governor General was afraid that Ottawa was too isolated, perched as it was on the Ottawa River and surrounded by a few lumber mills, to be anything more than an ‘exile’.

Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park - Culture and Heritage One of the interesting aspects of the Gatineau Park is its long history. It is believed to have been originally occupied by Aboriginal populations dating back to 8,000 years ago. Early industrialists and settlers then came here in the 19th century in their search of resources as well as its proximity to the city. Traces of this historic period are evident throughout this park. They include farmsteads, mines, and Carbide Wilson ruins among others.

Remembering Our Heroes

Remembering Our Heroes - Other symbols of Remembrance Day assemblies held in schools, wreaths laid at local war memorials, a reading of the fourth verse of the ode of Remembrance, two minutes of silence observed at 11.00 a.m. When you attend Remembrance Day you will experience mixed emotions as you see artillery canons being fired as well as the presence of significant Canadian leaders such as the Prime Minister. In addition, just seeing the many military people in Ottawa makes it feel real and personal.

Firefighters Prayer - Remembrance Day Ottawa

Firefighters Prayer - Remembrance Day Ottawa - The National Ceremony – This is usually held at the National War Memorial right at the corner of Wellington and Elgin. This ceremony commemorates the end of the First World War on November 11, 1918 at 11.00am. It is preceded by a parade of war veterans and pipers marching from Cartier Square Drill Hall to the War Memorial. Wreaths are laid by dignitaries, representatives from the armed forces and veterans. Although this ceremony is broadcast on several TV networks, you need to be there in person.

Weekend Break In Barcelona

Weekend Break In Barcelona - Spain’s history, culture and lifestyle are all reflected in the architecture of its buildings, monuments, cathedrals and churches found everywhere, in the variety of folk and western classical music and their dances, the museums of art and history, the wineries that made them one of the best old world wine growing countries and so much more. If you decide to visit Spain region-wise, focus on the best regions: ANDALUSIA this is one of the richest regions in Spain, the most important tourist cities here being: Seville, Ronda, Cadiz, Malaga, Granada, Jerez and Cordoba. Visits to wineries in Jerez, enjoying free tapas in Granada, visiting the Alhambra fortress, exploring the Moorish architecture found in Seville and Cordoba, are some of the things to do in Andalusia.

Remembrance Day Ottawa

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Vacation Rental Marketing

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Things to do in Gatineau Park This Weekend

Things to do in Gatineau Park This Weekend Culture and Heritage One of the interesting aspects of the Gatineau Park is its long history. It is believed to have been originally occupied by Aboriginal populations dating back to 8,000 years ago. Early industrialists and settlers then came here in the 19th century in their search of resources as well as its proximity to the city. Traces of this historic period are evident throughout this park. They include farmsteads, mines, and Carbide Wilson ruins among others.

Things to do in Gatineau Park

Things to do in Gatineau Park - Gatineau Park is an amazing tourist spot in Ottawa that you must consider visiting when you are in Ottawa. This park is serene with an absolutely breathtaking view that will blow you away. One special thing about this spectacular treasure is that it is just 10 minutes away from Ottawa city center. This means that you can either walk there, take your bike or a taxi. A visit to this park lets you experience nature by discovering beautiful heritage, some stunning natural features, wildlife and even unique plants. Above all, you will experience tranquility that comes with being surrounded by nature. Gatineau Park has been well conserved even though it is open to the public for outdoor recreation activities This Park can be accessed at any time of the year.

Visit Venice Italy

Visit Venice Italy - Choosing European Destinations Because Europe is very large, diverse and full of such incredible delights, it is helpful to create a list of all of the places you would like to visit. By doing so, you will be able to narrow your selection to the places you really love and will fit in your trip time-frame. The internet is a great place to start, or you could acquire a European travel guide. Paris is always a popular choice and Switzerland and Amsterdam offers tourists many things to see and do. Many travel experts suggest spending a day or two in each place, particularly if you are planning to visit many different places across Europe.

Rome Italy

Rome Italy - If you are planning a trip to Europe, you have made a great choice as you are about to have a wonderful experience. Europe offers visitors an abundant of wonderful countries with many incredible destinations. Whether it is cruising the Mediterranean, exploring London, or traveling such countries as Germany, France, Spain , Portugal or another exciting European country, you will experience beautiful cultures, delicious food, fascinating historical sights, magnificent scenery, as well as lots of shopping, entertainment, festivals, and other unique activities and attractions.

Top Travel Destinations

Top Travel Destinations - How To Beat Jet Lag When You Arrive : Some of the biggest threats to vacations can be bad weather, missed connections or a pickpocket helping themselves to your wallet. However travelers often forget there is a bigger threat that wants to take their vacation time: jet lag. It has been known to take precious vacations and cause travelers to see destinations in a blurred, half asleep view. Vacations, business trips, jet lag does not discriminate. It can pop up even when you think you are well rested and ready to take on Paris after 24 hours of travel.

Buying а holiday home

Buying а holiday home As the Bed and Breakfasts are usually scaled-down and professionally possessed they provide each customer a lot more consideration as well as their particular comfort will be taken into consideration. These are generally located in quiet communities from raucous downtown so you will probably have a significantly better experience. Rather than spending cash at a big as well as cold holiday resort or chain resort along with questionable program, people are seeing the significance of helping in your area possessed Bed and Breakfasts. Since they’re smaller, they offer the traveler private consideration and also better attention within their ease and comfort. As a possible additional benefit, these kinds of bed and breakfasts are usually located in household neighborhoods, and offer an alternative to raucous metropolitan areas which will enhance your knowledge.

Cottage Rental

Cottage Rental - If уоu hаvе reached а time іn уоur life whеrе уоu аrе lооkіng tо invest уоur hard earned cash іn а fail safe venture, thеn buying а holiday home іѕ thе answer. Nоt оnlу wіll уоu hаvе а holiday home tо call уоur own, but thіѕ wіll bе thе ideal place tо create ѕоmе еvеr lasting memories wіth family аnd friends. Thіѕ іѕ thе ideal time tо invest іn а holiday home. At present thеrе аrе quіtе а number оf holiday homes fоr sale аnd uѕіng thіѕ opportunity соuld bе а lifelong prudent investment.

Romantic Bed And Breakfast Near Me - Optimized

Romantic Bed And Breakfast Near Me - Optimized - In today’s economic climate, vacations are difficult enough to afford. As opposed to ponying up 100′s of dollars to stay in a vacation resort, or perhaps in a sequence hotel along with doubtful program, folks are experiencing the value within supporting local organizations with actual support. Due to the fact bed and breakfasts are usually a lot smaller than greater hotels, quality control is offered a lot more interest, and every depth of ease and comfort is actually taken into consideration. It’s really an easier experience to savor your trip in the quiet neighborhood, away from the exhilaration and also noises of huge points of interest you will probably check out all through each day.