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B and B marketing Strategies

B and B marketing Strategies Bed and Breakfasts are quick becoming a desirable approach to keep for many people on holiday. People experiencing the simplicity and ponder regarding bed and breakfasts contain family members, couple and retirees

B and B marketing Strategies

B and B marketing Strategies Qestions to ask yourself before starting a bed and breakfast: Is your home located in a desirable setting? What makes your home unique or attractive? Must the structure of your home be altered to function well for you, your family and your guests? Will additional furnishings be needed? Will you have the time, money, and skills needed? Is your family prepared to have strangers stay in their house? Have you consulted professionals with expertise related to the bed and breakfast industry? Do you like being with people? Do you have good hosting, conversational and listening skills? Do you enjoy maintaining a neat and clean home? Are you well-organized (e.g., to maintain reservation schedules and prepare breakfast)? Do you understand the basics of managing, accounting and bookkeeping? Have you done your research (demand, competition, advertising)? Do you have realistic expectations? (Do not expect big profits.