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Holiday In Cuba

Holiday In Cuba - Land Adventures - After your encounter with the dolphins and the sea lions, why not get to meet some more animals but this time, on land? In Nassau, there is the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre. Located in Western New Providence, this tourist hotspot is home to the island’s famous marching flamingos. The flamingos are trained and “march” to the orders of their trainer during a show. After your close-up with the flamingos, explore the zoo where you will see various animals, reptiles and birds. Museums, landmarks and shops are also worth a visit in Nassau. The Grand Bahama Island meanwhile is the perfect spot for bird watching. Bird enthusiasts will have a field day watching both resident and migratory birds. Among the resident birds are barn owl, great blue heron, mangrove cuckoo and blue-gray gnatcatcher. Migratory birds include a variety of warblers and orioles plus Eastern kingbird and Pect