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Aerial view of Barcelona in Spain

Aerial view of Barcelona in Spain The San Fermin festival has been celebrated since the Middle Ages. San Fermin takes place for two weeks between the 6th and the 14th of July in the northern city of Pamplona. This event has been a major tourist attraction since the 17th century, and became even more popular after international author Ernest Hemingway wrote about it. In addition to bull runs and bullfights, San Fermin consists of religious processions, traditional sports and dancing, and fireworks.

Country Side View in Spain

Country Side View in Spain The third favorite tourist destination worldwide, Spain attracts every year tens of thousands of visitors. Lots of things to do, snow-capped mountains, pristine lagoons, breathtaking beaches, cosmopolitan cities, a rich historical and cultural heritage, delicious sea food, bullfights, Flamenco shows, classical and gypsy guitar concerts, the land of Don Quixote… these are the images that come to anyone’s mind when the name of this country is evoked.