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Discover Jamaica Caribbean

Discover Jamaica Caribbean Discover Negril in Jamaica Caribbean - Jamaica is one of the best places in the Caribbean where you can experience true adventure, enjoy memorable scenery and simply cool off. It is an ideal holiday destination that has so much to offer such as magnificent waterfalls with tranquil blue water pools beneath, to blue mountain peaks among other amazing attractions. Here are some of the places and activities that you can explore while in Jamaica. • Ocho Rios Dolphin Encounter – Get to swim with a dolphin for half hour in the deep. This fun experience is preceded by a briefing and introduction from expert trainers. You will definitely be awed and inspired by the beauty and profound intelligence of the dolphins

Rwanda Holiday Pictures

Rwanda Holiday Pictures - Kigali – Undoubtedly a central attraction in Rwanda because of its rich historical background. This 100 year old city has erased the genocide history and bounced back to be a safe and friendly capital surrounded by major tourist sites such as the Virunga hills, Kaciyiru hill, Muslim quarter and the genocide memorial site that are its main attractions.

Travel to London

Travel to London - Get an Oyster Card To get the most out of London you’ll want to do a bit of travelling – there’s something to see in every corner of the city! Getting around by car is near on impossible though (unless you enjoy spending hours sat in traffic). The bus or tube it is. When you consider that a journey on the tube costs £4.30 at minimum, travel costs can soon add up. If you’re planning to go on the bus or tube at least three times during your stay (and who isn’t?), buy an Oyster card from the ticket office instead, it costs £3 but then you’ll get tube and bus journeys at a massive discount! Sign Up to Voucher Sites There are loads of voucher sites out there such as Groupon and Living Social that offer daily deals on everything from meals out to spa days and theme park tickets. You’ll need to make a reservation for most deals once you’ve bought the voucher, so sign up well in advance of your holiday and keep a