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Discover Canada Wonderland

Discover Canada Wonderland - Canada Wonderland Canada Wonderland is one of the must-visit places that offer a wide range of fun activities for the whole family. It is the country’s first and largest theme park that is in North Toronto. It is home more than 200 attractions among them roller coasters, a collection or rides and a water parks. Canada’s Wonderland seats on 330-acre and is owned by Cedar Fair. This park is the second most visited within the Cedar Fair Chain and receives millions of visitors every year, with the number standing at 3.58 million in 2013. The best time to visit this park is between September and May when it is opens its doors daily. In November, this family park only opens on weekends. Things to Do Canada’s Wonderland comprises of various themed areas even though the original ones are the International Street, Action Zone, Medieval faire, International Festival, White Water Canyon, Splash Works as we