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Calixtlahuaca – This was the center of Matlatzinca culture and is tucked away in Toluca Valley in Central Mexican highlands. It is one of the few ancient cities from the Aztec period. # #VacationrentalMarketingAgency #HowtomarketVacationRentalProperty Both residential districts and impressive architecture are preserved here. #VacationRentalsExperts #MarketingStrategiesforVacationrentals This city was excavated in 1930 where a life-sized stone sculpture of the Aztec god of wind known as Ehecatl was discovered in the largest circular temple at this site. #10ExcitingThingstoDoinMexico #MexicanVacation #ThingstodoinMexico Research has shown that this is the third largest city in central Mexico from the Aztec period.

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