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Grenoble France Attractions

Grenoble France Attractions - French flag at a Resistance Monument Luckily for me, my tour group had hired a bus driver that could carry us to beautiful places outside of Grenoble. If this is not available to you, I would still recommend trying to get out of Grenoble for a bit and visiting a neighboring town. I had the opportunity to visit the valley of Vercors, which was absolutely beautiful and surrounded by enormous mountains, as well as Grotte de la Luire. Here we were able to explore a beautiful cave and see (but unfortunately not participate in) spelunking. The tour involved manufacturing our own candles out of beeswax as well as a beautiful light show among the rocks of the cave. I would also say that a drive around the surrounding area of Grenoble is worth anyone’s time. Simply seeing the beautiful mountains passing by occupied me for hours.