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Spain tour

Spain tour 10 Spanish Festivals That Tourists Will Love Spain is known throughout the world for its fiestas, or festivals, which year after year fill the calendar with tradition and entertainment. Some of this Mediterranean country’s festivals are well known by tourists, such as the San Fermin bull runs or the religious festivities of Semana Santa (Easter).

Fall Travel Tips

Fall Travel Tips Fall Weekend Getaway Ideas Whether you just want to see the leaves change or enjoy the bloom and color that comes with autumn foliage, there are several fun getaway ideas that you can consider for a perfect fall weekend. From an pacific region to the classic mountain retreat areas, there are so many places that guarantee a relaxed and pleasurable fall weekend. Here are top 7 fall weekend getaway ideas that you can consider. Muskoka – Ontario This is one of the locations in Canada that is famous for its spectacular fall foliage. Spending time here will give you an experience like no other.