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African Bar on the River Somone

African Bar on the River Somone Zanzibar Island – This is Tanzania’s best kept secret and a dream destination that will leave your with memories to cherish forever. Zanzibar is serene yet fun. It’s a source of insight into the African-Arab relations such as the slave trade on Spice Island. It boasts of pristine beaches with silky white sand that is contrasted with the turquoise waters and colorful coral reefs. The stone town is also charming as it is a true reflection of the island with colorful markets, cobbled streets as well as minaret lined skyscape that overlooks the beaches.

Detail Travel Guide to Africa

Detail Travel Guide to Africa South Africa (S.A.) is located at the southern tip of Africa it is a country bless with a colourful combination of landscapes, people, history and culture. In recent years South Africa has become one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations. After successful hosting the 2010 FIFA world cup games South Africa has developed a reputation as one of the most diverse, and enchanting countries in the world. The 2010 world cup games define South Africa as a modern vibrant destination for a wide range of tourism option for just about any traveler.

Detail Travel Guide to Africa

Detail Travel Guide to Africa In each geographical area accommodation is available in all the different classes, from some of the world’s finest hotels and lodges to affordable holiday homes in historical places like Johannesburg,Capetown to cosy bed and breakfast in Plattenberg. South Africa long list of different exotic plant-life and its variety of protected plant species along and its world renowned and protected wildlife parks such as Kruger Park, Elephant Park and the Kalahari makes South Africa a “must visit” destination for eco friendly traveller.

B and B marketing Strategies

B and B marketing Strategies Bed and Breakfasts are quick becoming a desirable approach to keep for many people on holiday. People experiencing the simplicity and ponder regarding bed and breakfasts contain family members, couple and retirees

B and B marketing Strategies

B and B marketing Strategies Qestions to ask yourself before starting a bed and breakfast: Is your home located in a desirable setting? What makes your home unique or attractive? Must the structure of your home be altered to function well for you, your family and your guests? Will additional furnishings be needed? Will you have the time, money, and skills needed? Is your family prepared to have strangers stay in their house? Have you consulted professionals with expertise related to the bed and breakfast industry? Do you like being with people? Do you have good hosting, conversational and listening skills? Do you enjoy maintaining a neat and clean home? Are you well-organized (e.g., to maintain reservation schedules and prepare breakfast)? Do you understand the basics of managing, accounting and bookkeeping? Have you done your research (demand, competition, advertising)? Do you have realistic expectations? (Do not expect big profits.

Spain in Europe

Spain in Europe Fallas Fallas are celebrated in Valencia during four days in the middle of March. Fallas bring together the neighbors of every street, which associate to fund and build their own giant dolls, which often are satirical representations of politicians and other public figures. At the end of the festival, the dolls are set alight and a fireworks display follows. Live music, floral offerings, and intricate traditional dresses complete the scene. Feria de Abril Two weeks after Semana Santa, Sevilla dresses up again for the Feria. Originally, the Feria de Abril was a gathering of livestock traders and farmers, but today the Feria is an explosion of light, color flamenco music, and other traditional elements of Andalusian life, like bullfights.

Aerial view of Barcelona in Spain

Aerial view of Barcelona in Spain The San Fermin festival has been celebrated since the Middle Ages. San Fermin takes place for two weeks between the 6th and the 14th of July in the northern city of Pamplona. This event has been a major tourist attraction since the 17th century, and became even more popular after international author Ernest Hemingway wrote about it. In addition to bull runs and bullfights, San Fermin consists of religious processions, traditional sports and dancing, and fireworks.

Country Side View in Spain

Country Side View in Spain The third favorite tourist destination worldwide, Spain attracts every year tens of thousands of visitors. Lots of things to do, snow-capped mountains, pristine lagoons, breathtaking beaches, cosmopolitan cities, a rich historical and cultural heritage, delicious sea food, bullfights, Flamenco shows, classical and gypsy guitar concerts, the land of Don Quixote… these are the images that come to anyone’s mind when the name of this country is evoked.

Holiday in Barbados

Holiday in Barbados The city was a key hub for commerce and trade with its harbor packed with trading vessels. The city was also often the first port of call for African ships making the trans-Atlantic journey.

Discovering Canada Capital City

Discovering Canada Capital City For shopping with a more international flavor, try Preston Street, home of Ottawa’s Little Italy, or Chinatown in Somerset Heights. Somerset Village, with its quaint European atmosphere against the backdrop of Ottawa’s Centretown, offers many artisan studios and boutique shops housed in examples of excellent architectural craftsmanship. The city’s oldest farmer’s market still in operation is the Byward Market , which also has many unique shops and eateries nearby. Over a hundred vendors hawk their fruits, vegetables, plants and hand-made crafts here. Many festivals, such as the Canadian Tulip Festival and Ottawa Bluesfest, are also held in the vicinity.

Discover Canada

Discover Canada Discover Nouveau-Brunswick’s picturesque small towns and villages; go fly-fishing, kayaking, canoeing or rafting on its vast network of rivers; soak in the sun on its pristine beaches or catch the impressive Canadian waves. Explore the trails of the Appalachian Mountains; enjoy the coastal landscape from Hopewell Rocks – the strange “flowerpot” formations carved by the tides coming back and forth twice a day in Bay of Fundy.

Discover Canada

Discover Canada The North If you are the adventurous type, head North and you will discover a totally different world – an entirely wild one, where modern worries have no meaning. Auyuittuq National Park where you the eternal ice and the tundra spread all around, where the vast icecap Penny continues to give birth to glaciers and to shape the territory, makes, indeed, a unique discovery.

Holiday in Canada

Holiday in Canada Canada Wonderland is one of the must-visit places that offer a wide range of fun activities for the whole family. It is the country’s first and largest theme park that is in North Toronto. It is home more than 200 attractions among them roller coasters, a collection or rides and a water parks. Canada’s Wonderland seats on 330-acre and is owned by Cedar Fair. This park is the second most visited within the Cedar Fair Chain and receives millions of visitors every year, with the number standing at 3.58 million in 2013. The best time to visit this park is between September and May when it is opens its doors daily. In November, this family park only opens on weekends.

Holiday in Montreal Canada

Holiday in Montreal Canada The province of Québec is primarily a French society thanks to its language and its culture. In 1974, the National Assembly (Québec’s parliament) proclaimed French to be the official language of Québec . What Language do people speak in Montreal? About seventy percent of Montreal’s inhabitants speak French at home. Thirteen percent speak English as a first language. Although many people speak French, the city has the largest bilingual population in the world. You won’t have a problem if you speak only English. Italian, Arabic, and Spanish are the next most popular languages spoken in the homes of Montrealers, each making up about three percent of the population. The population is 83% francophone, while 11% of Québecers speak English in the home and 6% another language, i.e. Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Vietnamese or Portuguese. More than 40% of Québec’s population is bilingual,

Holiday in Montreal Canada

Holiday in Montreal Canada Getting around Town It’s incredibly easy getting around Montreal on its green and cheap public transport. You don’t need a car around the city – the chairman of the public transit body doesn’t own one himself, nor do a third of the city’s households! The STM (Societe de Transport de Montreal) controls the bus and Metro (Montreal’s underground subway) services. Get the $6 OPUS card at any Metro station and you can simply fill it up and use it for your bus and Metro travel. If you’re not staying for too long, there are transfer passes you can buy or pay exact change on board a bus.

Discover London UK

Discover London UK Not everything in London costs money! There are plenty of places that you can visit for absolutely nothing. If you fancy taking in a bit of culture, check out this list of free museums in London, it includes the world-famous Victoria & Albert Art & Design Museum, the intriguing Natural History Museum, and the enormous Museum of London with over one million items on display!

London Travel Photos

London Travel Photos By Taxi: An easy way to travel within the city, a ride in London’s iconic black cab is worth experiencing. Though the fares are metered, this is a costlier way to travel as compared to buses and tubes, but if definitely more convenient and luxurious. By Local Trains: Where the Tube doesn’t take you, London local trains will. These crisscross the whole city and you can use Travel cards and Oyster Cards to pay for your journey.

Discover London UK

Discover London UK When people think of the UK they often think that there’s London and then the rest is just country side. But, whilst London is no doubt one of the world’s best cities, the UK has so much more to offer. There are a number of cities that have become extremely popular over the past few years, one of which is the Northern city of Leeds.

London Travel Photos

London Travel Photos London is famous for many things; Big Ben, Fine Dining, Theatre, Night Life. The list goes on. One thing that it is perhaps best known for, and that has become a symbol of the UK capital is its beer and pubs. There are thousands of pubs in London and finding the one worth visiting can be difficult if you don’t know the city well. If you are planning a visit to the city and want to visit a few of the best pubs then here are five of the best.

Discover United Kingdom

Discover United Kingdom London Must Do Experiences Traveling to London can seem intimidating; after all, this city is vast in size as well as scope of sight-seeing enough to be daunting. However, the city has a lot to offer to those who know what to look for, with great scope in fashion, arts, history and architecture. London has earned a reputation as being a rainy city, and for that reason, the best time to visit is in May-June or September.

Discover Peru South America

Discover Peru South America The Americas Another corner of the world whose diversity makes its strength, the American continent presents a full palette of things to do and see. The Iguazu Falls on the Argentinian and Brazilian border, the great surfing and diving spots you will certainly find in Belize, Rio Negro, the Brazilian rainforests, the spectacular Canadian nature, the US National Parks as well as modern cities and historic landmarks throughout the continent… these are just a few of the reasons to chose one of the American destinations as the venue of your next holiday.

Holiday in Europe

Holiday in Europe Europe The old continent as it is often referred to, Europe offers to its visitors much more than beautiful scenery and fun activities. Europe is the space where the idea of tourism appeared for the first time, in the 18th century and for that we have to thank England and its aristocracy.

Adventure Travel Africa

Adventure Travel Africa Pristine nature and its biodiversity make the greatest tourist assets of this wild and mostly unexplored continent. However, there are plenty of other things to do in Africa: from the discovery of ancient civilizations’ remains in Egypt to the shopping opportunities in the Moroccan souks to the wide range of beaches you will find on Canary Islands.

Island Hopping

Island Hopping Caribbean islands are a popular area with honeymooners and beach lovers, the Caribbeans offer you much more than that: great wildlife sanctuaries, rainforests, a rich historic and cultural heritage, delicious cuisines and the best climate for an enjoyable vacation.

Our Caribbean Travel

Our Caribbean Travel Island exploration – To be able to explore the islands that make up the Caribbean much better, luxury travelers get to do so from an aerial view on one of the private planes that are made available by the hotel at a fee. This type of exploration is exhilarating and allows the traveler to have access to areas in the Caribbean that may not be easy to access when using the roads.

Our Caribbean Travel

Our Caribbean Travel Luxury accommodation –The Caribbean is the home of the most luxurious type of accommodations in the world. They range from five star hotels to exclusive villas that ensure absolute relaxation at all times. The facilities at the hotels and villas are top of the class with the guests taking the opportunity to have luxury spa treatments, massages and even settling in the Jacuzzi to unwind while sipping on tropical drinks.

Travelling with Family

Travelling with Family The first thing that will strike you once you step foot in Nassau is the burst of colors! The sight of blue water, luscious green trees, brick buildings with bright red windows and graphic wall art will instantly brighten your spirit. Pink, yellow, peach, blue and red colored houses will greet you on the shores. Even the parliament building is painted pink, and the law officers still wear full white wigs! It is this very natural beauty combined with lot of playfulness and quirkiness that has earned Nassau a spot in everyone’s must-visit-once list.

Caribbean Holidays

Caribbean Holidays Bermuda, with its pink-tinged shoreline, relaxed island culture and rich cultural history, is truly a vacation paradise. No matter what your activity of choice may be, you will find it when traveling to Bermuda. Playing Sports on Land and Sea The beautiful weather, sprawling beaches and miles and miles of coastline all add up to one thing – a destination where sports activities are abundant. From golf and volleyball on the land to boating, fishing and swimming on the water, you will find ample opportunities to get and stay active while visiting Bermuda.

Caribbean Holidays

Caribbean Holidays In 1910, Mark Twain visited Bermuda. Upon his arrival, he penned these words: “You go to heaven if you want to, I’d rather stay here.” That attitude captures what most visitors to this island paradise feel. In fact, Bermuda regularly beats most islands in the Atlantic and Caribbean regions in surveys of the top vacation destinations, and for good reason. Bermuda, with its pink-tinged shoreline, relaxed island culture and rich cultural history, is truly a vacation paradise. No matter what your activity of choice may be, you will find it when traveling to Bermuda. Playing Sports on Land and Sea The beautiful weather, sprawling beaches and miles and miles of coastline all add up to one thing – a destination where sports activities are abundant. From golf and volleyball on the land to boating, fishing and swimming on the water, you will find ample opportunities to get and stay active while visiting Bermuda.