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Discovering Places Across Africa

Discovering Places Across Africa Wondering where to go on your next vacation? Bring out your world map and take a look at the African Continent. Focus on a tiny section on the North East, shaped like a slice of pizza, with the Red Sea to its East and the Mediterranean Sea above, lapping at its sandy white shores. This is a country with more than a six-thousand-year old rich history to back its phenomenal presence in the vast continent of Africa! Egypt, once the land of the Pharaohs, is today one of the most populous countries in the Middle East and Africa. And she continues to attract more visitors every year to immerse themselves into her magnificent past laced with enigma, beauty and splendor. As you walk through the passages and stairways of the ancient temples and pyramids, the beauty in Egyptian architecture, intricacy in design and walls filled with hieroglyphics almost whisper to you the tales of ancient Pharaohs and