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Morocco Can Satisfy Any Vacation Dream: Lets us Show You Around

Morocco Can Satisfy Any Vacation Dream: Lets us Show You Around Things to do in Morocco Morocco can satisfy any vacation dream: a cultural trip or relaxation stay, one for practicing sports or even a more adventurous holiday… Morocco is an amazing country that gracefully lets its visitors discover its wonders: the great Sharifian palaces surrounded by sumptuous gardens, the medinas, the colorful, spicy and fragrant souks, the villages hidden in the Atlas mountains, the kasbahs, Marrakesh’s riads, Casablanca’s white houses and the list can go on. Here is a list of things to do while trying to decipher the heart of this country: 1. Discover the heart of the country through its medinas The term “medina” means “city” in Arabic, but it is used nowadays to designate the Moroccan old towns, often surrounded by walls. As a general description, we can say that they are real labyrinths where narrow streets cross and intertwine between small squares. When visiting this amazing country, delving into the medina is not just a shopping experience, but a way of discovering the local traditions and a way of life that remained unchanged for centuries. Watch the skills of artisans, treat your senses with the colors and fragrances of the market stalls, observe the heated discussions when bargaining prior to purchasing an object and you can be sure you have found the soul of Morocco. The most famous are those medinas of Marrakesh, Fez and Meknes, but other medinas (that of Casablanca, Essaouira, Rabat or Tetouan have interesting features, too and they worth a visit if you want to get a deeper knowledge of the country’s customs, history and lifestyle.


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